R6 Siege - Competitive Team Guidelines

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Phase 1 - Eligibility

Pre-requisites to be eligible to tryout for the team:

• Be a member of the community for at least 2 months
• No disciplinary issues
• Able to commit at least 30+ hours a week to team practices
• Willing to create a DUSK PSN account for competitions Ex. (DUSK-Name)
• Interview with the competitive team

Competitive Team Interview Questions:

1. What is it about competitive gaming that inspires you to be a competitor?
2. What is your end goal? How do you feel competitive gaming will get you there?
3. How would you contribute to a productive team?
4. What do you believe is your biggest weakness? How can the team help you improve?
5. Is it more important for you to win or develop your team?

Phase 2 - DUSK Training Camp (1 Month)

Requirements that must be met during training camp:

• Listen and be able to follow instructions
• Willing to take constructive feedback
• Must be punctual (on time for practices, scrimmages, and tournaments)
• Ability to put the team's needs in front of one’s own
• Dedicate 30+ hours a week to team practices, scrimmages, and tournaments

Phase 3 - Acceptance

• Final interview with the Team Captain, Lieutenant, Division Leader, and Senior Council
Posted Oct 18, 17 · OP · Last edited Oct 18, 17
Okay so after my 2 week trial I would have to wait 2 months in order to do competitive. Okay so in the mean time can be part of the Hardcore Members as well?
Posted Oct 19, 17
That’s correct. You would be placed on the hardcore roster in the meantime after you pass your trial period. You will only be placed on the competitive roster if you gain acceptance onto the team.
Posted Oct 19, 17 · OP
Cool thx for answering my question, I know I still have a lot to learn.
Posted Oct 19, 17