I use this as my everyday browser! I love how fast it is and how I can switch cores on the browser itself!


Maxthon 5 is a fast, secure cloud browser!


Safe Cloud Browser, Support Multi-Platform Data Sharing.


Maxthon 5 Cloud synchronization supports Windows PC,Mac, Android and iOS platforms, with Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser,
you can save and get your files seamlessly across computers and phones.
Worry about data security? Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser provides high-performance cloud backup, synchronization and sharing capabilities,
and advanced encryption to ensure user data security.

Dual Core Browser. Fast Speed, Because The Technology Is Excellent.


Quick start, quick opening of web pages, and quick response these three aspects make Maxthon 5 the fastest browser at the moment.
Maxthon 5 uses resource optimization, hardware acceleration, pre-rendering, pre-start, multi-process processing technologies, greatly optimizing the browser speed,
Webkit and Trident dual-core provides you with a more effective browsing experience.

Powerful Ad Blocking Feature


Do you still feel annoyed about web page ads?
Here is the solution! Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser works together with Ad Blocker to filter out all the ads, creates clean browsing pages for you!
Install your built-in adblock browser now!

Free Download Facebook & YouTube Videos, Resource Sniffer & Downloader.


Free Download videos from Facebook, YouTube and any sites to your computer, as long as you use the Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser, no need to add any extensions,
you can quickly download any video.
Using this feature is very easy!While put mouse on the video, Maxthon 5 can automatically aware of the video file, and ask whether need to download.
Just click download and save, then you can have that video!

Incognito Mode, Private Browsing.


If you do not want Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser to record your visits and download history, you can browse the page privately in incognito mode.
When you close all open incognito windows, all new cookies will be deleted.

Auto Fill Out Forms, Repeated Information Without Filling The Second Time.


Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser can help you automatically fill the saved identity information, such as name, company, address, phone, e-mail address and so on.
Maxthon 5 browser provides the ability to edit and delete saved information.